Love Your Planet Live Free

Naked-Mole-Rat Pronunciation: (NEIKeD-MOUL-RAET). The Naked Mole Rat is neither a rat nor is it a mole but rather it is a all pink skinned rodent. The life of a naked mole rat is eusocial similar to honey bees, termites and ants. Their subterranean tunnel system enables the most eusocial environment of all mammals, animals and insects on planet earth.


One day out of despair I pulled the last paper dollar out of my pocket after paying my monthly bills and pondered over this piece of paper its great pyramid of “power.” Maybe I could make some extra money and save the planet at the same time create something good. With a dry river bed below, an oak tree above, wild coyotes and bank voles rats scrambling about the naked mole rat came to mind. In 2006 I started creating designs and products to keep the survival tradition alive for some of us.