Eduard Ruppell a Naturalsits Life 1842


Eduard Ruppell old photograph ye old molerat

In 1842 Eduard Ruppell of Frankfurt Germany became the authority of the naked-mole-rat animal. Least concerned of his father’s German banking heritage and successful wealth the exploration of Africa fascinated him even more. The prospect of a prosperous banking future like his dad became over-ridden by the naturalist’s life of exploring. Mr. Ruppell knew nothing of this sausage shaped hairless pink rat. Fascinated by the looks of the naked-mole-rat and rarity of behavior seen nowhere else in our animal kingdom Eduard Ruppell made these subterranean rodents famous almost two centuries after his death. As of 2015 this pink rat was once named vertebrate of the year in one of America’s most popular scientific magazine.  Although the naked mole rat may resemble a European sausage or an American hot dog and although we don’t eat naked-mole-rats we can wear one.