Artists Biography


My name is Michael de la Vega. I am fifty years old and grew up in an all artist family in Los Angeles County California. I am an artist, graphic designer, screen-printer with fine hand painting and amateur photographer. I enjoy making spontaneous not so good real life videos of many areas of science. My favorite area of art is psycho-analytical interpretation of just about any art from religious, to foreign to cultural anthropological. I attended three Universities and two community colleges in different U.S. States from Idaho, Seattle, Arizona and California. I dropped out completely from all traditional education realizing the hopelessness of those we look up to on television or even those in positions of authority as they will never have all the answers, all the right answers or the best answers or best decision making for our people, how to live and our planet. The imprint by other humans on many of us at a young age is often not the right imprint by the right people at the right place for all.

I created MOLERAT not only as a T-shirt Company but information organized to help people help our planet without having to worship people, people in power or “perfect” people that we all adore and want to emulate at a young age which sometimes does not help the quality of life or our planet. MOLERAT is not an all green company but a balance of some natural, some man ideas and some order. MOLERAT represents a sort of raw blueprint for the good simple things in life and our potential to help ourselves, others and our dying planet. I believe our outer planetary exploration should also encompass the exploration of our own minds as well as far away places at the same time to preserve the planet through psychological discipline. My interests have always been the study of the mind and the mind ultimately related to everything on this planet. It is our interaction with planet earth that will dictate what will become of us today and later on. MOLERAT was a conscious choice as I researched the naked mole rat and grew fond of it’s behavior as a real animal native to the Eastern Grasslands of Africa.

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Michael de la Vega