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My name is Monk Joneses I am forty five years old and grew up in an all artistic family with a religious artist dad in Los Angeles County California. I am an artist, graphic designer, screen-printer and very amateur photographer. I enjoy making spontaneous not so good real life videos by chance or even conspiracy theory if they are scientifically based from real education and real hands on investigation locally here in Southern California.

I am a Psychologist (of the non-traditional kind). My favorite area of art is psycho-analytical interpretation of just about any art from religious, to foreign to cultural anthropological to Los Angeles County Art and yes I love to interpret a few Hollywood movies. I attended three Universities and two community colleges in different U.S. States from Idaho to Seattle to Arizona.

 I dropped out completely from all of them after studying Psychology, interpersonal communication (non-digital) and World Comparative Literature. Realizing the hopelessness of reading about life rather than going out into the world and experiencing it had little value for me as the censorship in the United States is no different than a communist foreign country. So I continued my sojourns overseas as a backpack beatnik mixed with outdoor adventure sports from surfing to hiking to food understanding of that country I visited or lived in.

It was the good times mixed in with the bad times that gave me a real education living and working odd jobs abroad before I started University and after. Again and again in-between and after my University years my travels continued with schmoozing, socializing and sharing some really good eye opening times with other foreigners from all over the planet. We all had one thing in common the economy and the inability of man and women alike to preserve the planet.

Universities, colleges, professors, those we look up to on television or even those in positions of authority will never have all the answers, all the right answers or the best answers for all human beings or best decision making for our planet. In the end for all of them it is the material existence, things and objects of life and objects of desire that have already polluted our planet forever and the minds of all. I am not a Buddha, a religious person or an atheist but I well balanced person that wishes to create and to have an impact away from materialism and consumption of natural resources. I have been a non-materialist all of my life with no ties to mainstream culture of really any kind or country.

MOLERAT is an alternative to human error as we race around like rats trying to adjust to the digital world, pollution of every imaginable kind and seriously depleted ozone caused by all humans. Not all rats are the same and rat lab in my undergraduate years at University was miserable as nothing is predictable and the rat is always right. It just made sense the extreme efficiency of these naked-mole-rats seemed to be what humans should be like and were probably like many thousands of years ago going all the way back to the Neanderthal era.

The imprint by other humans on many of us at a young age is often not the right imprint. This is why I created MOLERAT not only as a T-shirt Company but information organized to help people help our planet through a real animal image without having to worship people, people in power or “perfect” people that we all adore and want to emulate at a young age does not help our planet.

MOLERAT is not an all green company but a balance of some natural and some man ideas some order and some chaos something I learned living as an survivalist and in South Korea. MOLERAT represents a sort of raw blueprint for the good simple things in life. Our outer planetary exploration should also encompass the exploration of our own minds and far-away places and at the same time to preserve the planet today while we see our future slowly move to life in outer space.

My interests have always been the study of the mind such as Psychology and the mind ultimately related to everything on this planet. It is our interaction with planet earth that will dictate what will become of us today and later on. MOLERAT was a conscious choice I made being apparently one of the most vile, dirtiest and repulsive animals known. I decided to make the naked-mole-rat a real worker and the queen rat a real queen.

Enjoy this site as it is an information sight free for the viewing tee-shirts will be for sale hopefully soon!

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