Author: mvega6

My name is Michael de la Vega. I grew up in an all artist family in Los Angeles County California. I am an artist, graphic designer, screen-printer and some experience with fine hand painting on raw natural wood. I created MOLERAT not only as a T-shirt Company but nature organized in our modern world of technology and chaos to help men. Preferring to study the behavioral and Social sciences rather than become an artist took me three Universities and two community colleges. MOLERAT is not an all green company but nature and modern man trying to work together without destructive consequences. MOLERAT is the good simple things in life and our potential to help ourselves, others and protect our diminishing resources due to over-population, over-extraction and man made pollution. Much of this can be done through a disciplined life without an overabundance of digital, A.I. and a life of excess materialism. Our quest for outer planetary exploration should also encompass the exploration of our own minds through u-social behavior and physical. My interests have always been the study of the mind and the mind ultimately related to everything on this planet that is natural and unnatural (man made). It is our interaction with planet earth that will dictate what will becomes of us at this moment, today and tomorrow. Michael de la Vega

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