My name is Michael de la Vega. My father utilized a diverse amount of materials, chemicals and art mediums as an artist growing up in an all artist family in Southern California. This gave me an appreciation and advantage to understand the basic sciences and arts at a very young age. Molerat products for men was an idea I developed and created into a product after many years of warring the old and new technologies that can hinder sports performance. I realized I was not getting the benefits better health after a long walks, jogging or hiking. Too much technology usage would actually ruin my work out days and into the next day with doctor visits that really never helped me. The ability to sense reality, danger and enjoyment alike in outdoor environments without the deceptive irritation of A.i. is paramount for a good work out. The remote-controlled world of Ai. 365/24/7 body mind penetration from our technologically dominated environments and products can be overwhelming.