My name is Michael D. Joseph. I grew up in an all artist family in Southern California. I created MOLERAT Products (MMT) for men who like outdoor activity, outdoor exercise and outdoor non-contact sports for less stress with electro-smog pollution. Tee shirts and textile designs I created for all men, women, teens and children. With climate change, technology advancement and changes in power structures across the globe the right sports equipment matters. My belief is that MOLERAT can benefit those who cannot always believe in the digital world, their own thinking and others thinking one hundred percent of the time 365/24/7. The stress of A.I. (artificial Intelligence), CLS (computer life simulation) and climate change can be overwhelming and burnout is a common factor for many of us especially men. If I had stayed with my erector set toys as a young man I probably would have become wealthy or even rich. Well unfortunately I went to University many of them and studied Psychology of the real human mind and behavior. A.I. took over as I was a student so Psychology was taken over by the computers already by 1999. My field of study was bleak, dismal and no money so I left for adventure. One day out of despair in 2013 I pulled the last paper dollar out of my pocket after paying my monthly bills and pondered over this piece of paper its great pyramid of “power.” Maybe I could make some extra money and save the planet at the same time create something good. With a dry river bed below, an oak tree above, wild coyotes hi above, rabbits next to me and bank voles rats perched above my head scrambling about the naked mole rat animal of East African Grasslands came to mind.