My name is Vandee M. Digitalis. I grew up in an all artist family in Southern California. I created MOLERAT Products for outdoor activity, outdoor exercise and outdoor non-contact sports. With climate change the right equipment matters. MOLERAT can benefit those who cannot believe in the digital worlds of our-selves and others one hundred percent of the time 365/24/7. The stress of A.I. artificial Intelligence and CLS computer life simulation can be overwhelming for some. Burnout red-oval-animal-molerat-mjdis a common factor for many. As our world changes at an exponential speed the need for breaks from some technology is and will become more of an necessity and eventually a requirement. My philosophy is that much good can be done through a disciplined life without excess 24/365/7 of powered up electronic digital devices. Our quest for outer planetary exploration should also encompass the exploration of our own minds through physical exercise, less programming and a notch or two back towards normality. A.I. often leads to an excess of heat not utilized efficiently as an result of improper faulty thought process and our genetics that have fully evolved completely into the next millenium yet. A stressed focused mind is often ideal for a good work-out. MOLERAT products can help with excess mind programming that can eventually disrupt our after work-out hours and into the next day. It is our interaction with planet earth that will dictate what will becomes of us at this moment, today and tomorrow.