65 million years ago dinosaurs roamed the earth along with naked mole rats

Neanderthal and molerats hunting for food

41,000 years ago Man encountered naked mole rats never disturbing their natural habitat.


1165 Brengaria Navarre was the Queen of England and to be the first Female political molerat in England the next eight centuries.


1452     Mans greatest works revealed as uncensored science, art and the first information highways are created before industrialization, modern technology and consumerism. “Whilft Time is unraveling; Science is exploring nature.“


Wilhelm Peter Eduard Simon Rueppell German naturalist and explorer 20 November 1794 to 10 December 1884 First discoverer of the naked-mole-rat


1810     The pre-Ruppell ear were barbaric invaders from Northern Europe. MOLERATS were not very tasty and so the Vikings went back to their normal diet of wild boar and berries back in their own lands. 


1815      Common wealth and other European Navy, Armies and Merchants from were amused at these peoples of East Africa and their goods for barter. Some even sold live MOLERAT’S as pets no different than the dogs and cats of today but much smarter. This was a time of peak U-social behavior through trading and bartering for the common good, survival and exploration.


1820     This U-social behavior was evident nowhere to be seen anywhere else except on the African continent. Queen female hunters wore MOLERAT shields to display virginity, vigor and knowledge ready for motherhood. Men and women alike took on both roles for survival as expert hunters, cooks and caretakers.


1822     Mr. Eduard Ruppell is welcomed by an exotic figuere half human and half MOLERAT. The tents were considered a luxury no different than a motel of modern times. Everyone is happy praising their half animal half human idol showing hospitality to Eduard Ruppell. This was Mr. Ruppell’s first encounter with the naked mole rat animal man.

Rueppel-first-official-discoverer-recroder and historical writer-of-naked-molerat

1830      Accurate in recording the history of East Africa Eduard Ruppell is the first official discoverer of the naked mole rat.

wild boar prefered to molerat for eating first barbaric vikings in Ethiopia.

1843      He dies of a heart attack due to post traumatic stress from Viking invaders looking for gold in his research territories.

Eduard_rueppell_alt-dies -and-transforms-into-a-molerat

1844       Mr. Ruppell dies and transforms into a MOLERAT rejecting the German banks.


1850      Primitive migrations and the promise of a better life, gold and wealth mostly proved unsuccessful due to bad health for the new arrivals. Disease and the inability to adapt prove unsuccessful driving them to extinction with their metal tools left behind.


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1904     Russian Physiologist wins Noble Prize for his works in medicine and classical conditioning. His discoveries were the first known mind control mechanisms utilized on various animals most notable dogs. Man,s house becomes degraded and belittled by modern inventions, follies and self absorption.

Leo-Tolstoy-1887-molerat-wisdom-MOLERAT t-shirts-December-30-2015

1910      Leo Tolstoy the greatest writer author of War Peace and Anna Karina. Leo Tolstoy freezes to death in the snow at the train station after fleeing his land, family and money for spiritual reasons.

naked mole rat and 1900's men's wear

1930’S      The early 1900’s had many challenges as commerce moved from the colonized countries of North and East Africa. Our Western world and all men alike were amused by the comfort of textiles, commerce and u-social type behavior.


1965      History repeats itself and young men and women from all over the globe start to traverse. The hostel memories will never to be forgotten as naked mole rat graffiti is spotted in Europe away from tourism in crime laden old stone alleyways.


1968    2001: A Space Odyssey is released proving artificial Intelligence exists as the first phase of human robots takes place.


1975      Man and women alike begin hiking and camping away from the electro-chemical pollution by automobiles, computers and overpopulation. MOLERAT sightings were seen in the four corners of the South West of the United States.


1989     A petrified MOLERAT is spotted by an East African female hiker somewhere near the Red Sea.


1999    A MOLERAT is mistaken for an all American hot dog at an all American sports event by a computer life  simulated women.

unknown marathon taril runner in the old Simi Valley petroleum field

2001    MOLERAT tee shirts tested out for comfort, looks and durability.

Mars Viking and a mysterious looking creature on planet Mars-666

2007    Mars Viking NASA spacecraft spots a mysterious looking creature on planet Mars possibly a naked mole rat.

Mainstream American sports try to imitate the naked mole rat by stripping in front of thousands but fail

2009      At a mainstream all American sports game a fan tries to imitate a naked mole rat by stripping and running in front of thousands of fans with just underwear. Forgetting that he is human he fails at his attempt of recreating the naked mole rat animal.

Vitruvian man emulating the naked molerat-April 25-2016

2010      Mainstream man and women alike give into the digital world becoming Leonardo Da Vinci’s replication of cheap prototypes of the Vitruvial man. Robotization has almost taken over creating imperfect, unrefined but more obediant humans through technology of all sorts.