MOLESWORTH Digital item protector


May 24, 2017

Hi, my name is Michael de la Vega. I am the creator, designer, inventor and CEO of MOLERAT tee shirts and this new product MOLESWORTH TM. MOLESWORTH digital item protector was created by me out of many years as an outdoors enthusiast much time spent in outdoor sports, user of public transportation and mostly walking miles to get my day completed without the use of an automobile. Many of my years were spent enduring the elements of sun, cold weather, wind, rain, near zero and for a short stint below zero freezing snow. The years I created MOLERAT and MOLESWORTH I must have put in enough miles that would reach the east coast of the United States and half way back. I must have saved many thousands of dollars ten times over, CO2 pollution that would have contributed to our overheating planet and the utilization of fossil fuels and other natural resources that has destroyed most of our planet.

When I moved back to Los Angeles County over five years ago where I grew up the State of California had changed so much in just ten years I found my-self lost in a rabbit-hole I could not get out of. For the longest time I was walking on foot, doing errands and even sometimes jogging to get from point A to point B. I was lacking in technology skills, knowledge and most importantly the ability to discern my life from the reality of computers in a generated computer life simulation that I could not adapt to. I felt I was being robbed so I invented a product that could help alleviate stress, secure my business creations in digital form whatever they were and continue to do my job on foot without overheating from the sun, automobiles and an overload of digital devices and objects that I carried in my backpack for years.

The point of these new yearly upgraded digital products, smart devices and digital items by our technological companies seemed useless to me as more energy, power, newly advertised nano, speed, memory and storage potential. It never worked for me as I got burned too many times. These computer things, smart phone devices and digital items just did not cut it and I needed a break. So I created a protector product out of years of trial and era every day in the most stressful environments in and out of the city. The worries and stress diminished as I perfected my product over the years and I even had time to work on my health away from what seemed to me a porno holocaust of hell basically a black rabbit.

You may have heard of MOLERAT bank card protectors. I took them off my website years ago realizing the uselessness of trying to sell something that people would not understand, the effectiveness and necessity of a bank card protector for some people and marketing convincing enough to be able to sell such an item. The bulk and weight of my product seemed ridiculous, insane and inefficient but it worked for me in most all extreme environments including near power lines, cell towers, Wi-Fi, li-fi and the increasing ultraviolet light from a diminishing ozone layer. It won’t get much better than this and I still use mine today of course upgraded and lighter technology that is information leak proof!

Years later I realized the over-abundance of digital items was flooding the markets and this had to have an impact on many people unable to keep up with a changing environment that we must eventually adapt to or stay left behind. Today I want to introduce you to MOLESWORTH TM digital item protector. I positively believe this item is and will be a necessity for those who spend the majority of their time outdoors, in high energy environments or even those who suffer from electro-magnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). Whether it is in outdoor sports, long daily errands, dangerous employment or all day job searching my protector will help any person maintain the focus needed to survive in our constant changing environment.    




Michael de la Vega CEO