What are MOLERAT Smart Technology Protectors and Why You May Need One

Hello my name Is Michael de la Vega owner and CEO of MOLERAT Smart Technology Protectors. MOLERAT tee shirts. Seven years ago I discovered through my own past medical history, self-education for over fifteen years in various forms of non-traditional medicine that I was EMF (electro-magnetic-field) sensitive that is my symptoms were an adverse reaction to electromagnetic energy. EMF sensitivity took me to different doctors every few years for the first forty years of my life. The catch 22 I was in was medical ignorance, denial lies, greed and new doctors again and again that almost always made me sicker. The Nano speed of our changing environment made it impossible for me to find real help for my medical conditions.

The first five years of University and research in various fields of Psychology I believed would give me the answers I needed to sustain a healthier life without medications and doctor‘s appointments. Fifteen years later I discovered I was EMF sensitive and I was already forty years old. Like millions of other EMF victims all over the globe I am sensitive to electro-magnetic-fields such as televisions, smart devices, Wi-Fi, automobiles, public transportation, cell phone towers and over-crowded areas. My life long history of symptoms are similar to allergic reactions many people have to foods, animals, chemicals and medicines. Electro-magnetic-fields can keep some of us disabled often with average to poor health throughout much of our lives. I guess you could say my allergic reaction to EMF environments was similar and mimicked in many ways those who have severe allergies. Sometimes allergic reactions can be life disabling or even life threatening and although you cannot see it, energy, is there no different than food and chemical allergies.

Allergic reactions to food and chemicals are the result of the natural electrical energy flow in a human body. The immediate or delayed allergic reaction is due in part to our body unable to synthesize, absorb and/ or accommodate that particular food or element. All elements on this planet have their own frequency including every human’s biometric signature (genetic) frequency. Our powered up devices and connected world can be overwhelming for some of us. Allergic reactions to food and chemicals also disrupt the natural electrical energy flow in a human body through creating symptoms, illness and sometimes hospital rooms. For some of us electric-magnetic-fields can do the same thing keeping us disabled often with average to poor health. I was determined for a better route a search for a cause and answer to some of my misery.

Too much of anything is not good and the symptoms of a powered up device, powered up environment or stressed out mind is an indicator of rest needed and a break from the daily gadgets that often take control of our life. Indicators and symptoms of EMF sensitivity can be redness, tingling, burning sensations as well as fatigue, tiredness, concentration difficulties, dizziness, disorientation, joint pains, nausea, heart palpitations, digestive urinary disturbances and accidents.

I was lucky enough to become an outdoors exercise buff and survival expert at a young age.  I was able to offset some of the negative symptoms of electromagnetic fields but not every day. In my University years I was repulsed by any sort of television, computer or telephone/ cell phones now 2018 smart phones. When I dropped out of University the technology era of our biggest tech companies took off and I could not adapt fast enough in my early twenties. I stayed away from fields of study where computers and phones were required. Fifteen years later I started self-educating myself on computer science.

I soon delved into understanding mind control patented technologies. The psychology of what I knew to be true was astounding and shocking no different than a corrupt Politician full of lies, manipulation and deceit. The deceitful experimental data of technology is often part of the technology that turns those with EMF sensitivity people into victims with an end result of negative energy, symptoms and often doctor’s appointments.  Not all of us are adapted or sensitized enough as victims to take in the man-made energy that manipulates the minds of those who are electro-magnetic-field-sensitive. Victims are often negatively affected by EMF intrusion (manmade energy that twists and contorts our nervous system and neurons) in your brain. These unnatural energies throw off the natural electrical and chemical synapse actions or no actions in your neurons and cellular biological activity. Remember bad life-style choices is the number one cause to most health problems.

Bad perception of your-self and environment creates a multitude of stressors often creating the symptoms that can put you in a doctor’s office with medications that are not so good for your health and side effects that can have a life-long devastation on your mind and body. Later more doctors and more marketed medications to “fix” the problem seem to take control of your life and before you realize what happened you are caught up in a black box of hell, stressors and drugs. Not all of us can consume medications, experimental medications and now legalized marijuana so that leaves many of us in the no help zone. Artificial Intelligence is even being used to treat symptoms and diseases and not all of us can adapt to AI. The is no one human being on this planet that perceives, reacts and behaves the same to their environment and this concept is the same in our human biological make-up as well as psycho-biological makeup. For some of us with EMF sensitivity Medical Doctors should be used as a guide post a parameter to monitor one’s health once in a while.

Most westernized medicine never cures anyone anyways but it is there to help alleviate the symptoms with unwanted, sometimes unnecessary medications and surgeries. There is no doctor alone on this planet that has all the answers and the advancement of technology of many kinds often moves past our understanding of health. This Nano speed of medicine and our unique individual psycho-biological make up all humans have makes a cure for symptoms and disease’s sometimes un-realistic.

Like I stated before I only studied Psychology and anything related to Psychology as long as I could relate it in some way to understanding human thought, behavior and overall sports health. It was any academic study course and later anything I could get my hands on after University to incorporate it into my field of Psychology and my self-education. As long as I found a way to apply Psychology to it I utilized it and connected it to my understanding of Psychology and sports health. What I learned is that half of everything human on this planet started from Psychology. The ability of man and women alike to discern its environment, themselves and cultivate intelligence in every imaginable aspect of knowledge took some form of Psychology. It is Psychology to start and advance itself, people and civilizations that we are here today. Psychology in the minutest form to entire Universities begin with human understanding, perceiving and using information to create and build whether it is good or bad. I mean the first computers were groups of people accumulating, storing and sharing information to an apex person no different than a human Chinese counting machine going back thousands of years.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s first computer was really no different as his idea came from groups of people in work environments than to mechanical devices of our Renaissance era. Exercise, physical activity and enjoyment are possible only with some knowledge of psychology knowing it is mostly good for one’s health mental and physical. One knows that too much stress from our own unbalanced energy and sometimes our unbalanced environment we all live in can impede activity, exercise sports exercise. Too much of anything is a lie as well as too little of anything is also a lie. Our balance usually begins in the enjoyment of sports activity for those who like sports too much to try and compensate the daily stressors and too little exercise not utilizing our human body for enjoyment and its health benefits.

Modernization and too much of technology in general is not always healthy for those with EMF sensitivity. In 2014 I created and developed Mars Smart Technology for myself so I could enjoy and free my mind from electro-smog pollution, overpopulation and electronic digital marketing from my own usage of smart devices. I decided to monitor myself during my sports days just as smart technology does for most of us on a daily basis through products, apps, computer programs, free and paid special services. Having powered up environments around me constantly just did not cut it as many like myself are not accustomed or adapted to use during exercise. Anyway the definition of Smart is a “self-monitoring analytics and reporting technology” for hard drives that are components for computers. Specifically smart technology checks the health of your hard drive. I created Mars Smart Technology so I and others could choose to enjoy sports and exercise activities once in a while and to monitor ourselves once in a while.

Those of us who are sensitive or maybe just need a break from civilization can over a period of many workouts start to deprogram themselves from the lies, unhealthy stored up energy and electrical chaos in our human body that is not normal or healthy.  We can be our own agents without the help of a constant device or other dictating our nerves unknowingly. Mars Smart Technology allows humans to access our own human potential slowly by releasing programs, energy and lies in our body. AI, and CLS are not for all of us! The bombardment of excess materialism, smart devices, public transportation, cell towers and high trafficked areas effects most of us in a negative way. Sometimes just a short break from these environments can make a difference and are health more manageable.

I created, developed, tested and perfected my product on myself for years until I was sure Mars Smart Technology could accomplish what electronic digital smart technology lacked. To help one help themselves in their sports goals while achieving a positive outlook during sports times, exercise and some daily activities. Whether it is walking, jogging, running, trail running or light local day hiking Mars Smart Protectors can be beneficial.

I am here to tell you about a new product I created, researched, developed and tested on myself over the last four years. This product does not look like much and is the size of a thick stack of bank cards, membership cards and/ or discount cards. It fits in your pocket and holds one card only preferably a debit, credit, ATM or Smart Card. It weighs 1/4 pound and carries only one card per Mars Smart Sports Protector. Mars Smart Sports Protectors can be used without any cards and are still effective!

What I am selling is a simple object made from aerospace metals, aerospace adhesives and natural magnetic minerals that keep various forms of electromagnetic energy, electromagnetic frequency, intel and electrostatic annoyances away from your body that are dangerous for some people. Today’s harmful smart products, chemicals and computer programs often contain AI (Artificial Intelligence), CLS (Computer Life Simulation) and electronic harassment programs with harmful consequences for some. Of course these programs are not always utilized on all people and in all products.

Most technology companies don’t advertise the real risks of their powered up technologies. If you are one of those electro-magnetic field sensitive people then you may wish to read on. Many negative symptoms are attributed to these powered up Nano products and this product may be for you. These electro-magnetic-field annoyances, irritations and bodily disruptions in our day to day lives can turn into every day allergic symptoms. These new technology products often have never been labeled unsafe or tested thoroughly but rather are encouraged in marketing and advertising. Some of these companies utilize their products to control and manipulate the neurons in your brain.

My protectors not only provide a substantial amount of R.F.I.D. protection for your peace of mind but also prevent many forms of smart and electronic technologies from invading your privacy, body and mind from your outside sports environment. I created Mars Smart Sports Technology protectors to keep privacy invasions, intel, Nano, black box, pink bitch, bird box, (black UV and infrared), blue light, R.F., EMF, smart Nano window glass (public transportation), WI-FI, Beacon, automobile run off, Lilly Wave, AI (artificial Intelligence), CLS (computer life simulation-Hollywood-HTML), electro-smog pollution, electronic harassment to a minimum and the new 5G powered up devices with LI-FI and other people in your immediate environment.

Nano technology has invaded all of our lives making relaxation often impossible. Not all of us want to live our life around a smartphone or other people’s technologies invading and dictating our lives. Whether it be walking, jogging, running, trail running or even very light local day hikes Mars Smart Sports Technology Protectors can be beneficial if used properly after reading instructions provided.

I carry my Mars Smart Protector in my pocket or even backpack. Sometimes I carry a few of them with me one in each pocket and leave all my smart and powered up devices at home. I know very well it is not the end of the world if I do not have a smart device with me and sometimes for an entire day. All of the information we view on television, video, media and social media does not allow some of us to sort out what is best for us and our health. The fact is these powered up devices can often impede real physical exorcise workouts inhibiting peace of mind and exercise our body needs.

Mars Smart Technology, over a substantial amount of time lets you monitor your own health with more freedom. For the average person Mars Technology can help deprogram and reprogram those who are not as advanced in sports and help relieve some stressors that we experience on a daily. For those who want to go the extra mile and for those who are advanced in outdoor sports who wish to go to their limits for personalized self-health monitoring and self-analysis Mars Technology may be the answer.

MOLERAT Smart Technology helps eliminate general statistics and data that are often generalized and not specific for everyone’s unique mind and body. Not all technology products apply to everyone’s unique environment, biological makeup and lifestyle. Remember exercise, weight loss and a proper lifestyle of simplicity is conducive and a requirement to benefit through the use MOLERAT Smart Technology. Deprogramming with MOLERAT Smart Technology is not easy and can and will take a lengthy amount of time to benefit. Learning how to use Mars Smart Technology takes time to properly to understand and utilize. Mars Protectors are not just a simple product but may be complex to use if used without reading instructions. Because all of our environments are part of the connected world understanding the proper use of Mars Smart Protectors is the first step to enjoyment and safe usage. All Mars Smart Protector products come with a paper booklet instructions as well as a downloadable printout PDF form @ www.mole-rat.com. Click MOLERAT Smart Technology Protector Instructions Booklet and safety.

Now I am not saying that this product is a miracle cure but rather a health product, if used properly can help protect those who are electromagnetic/ EMF sensitive giving our nerves a break. The onslaught of AI and CLS is all about the nerves and why would they not need a break, rest and even vacations from our hi-tech inventions. Smart is Smart but so is a time for rest, relaxation and even exercise. The reorganization of our mind is as important as getting our daily information as we need both. Instead of warring with our devices, ourselves and our environments MOLERAT Smart Technology understands about the vibrations, sounds, and unwanted irritations and light that effect our mind, moods and thinking while in sports. Mars Smart Technology naturally sifts, collects, transfers and catches much of the electro-smog pollution to the environment giving your nerves a break. Eduard Ruppell first discoverer of the naked mole rat was a pure blood German who did not approve of his father’s German banking heritage.

Michael de la Vega CEO MOLERAT Smart Sports Technology Products