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MOLERAT Protectors with MOLERAT Technology.

Worm holes are only in outer space millions of light years away E=MC2. Talk about a gravitational curve nobody wants to go on. Take a-walk-about in the Outback of Australia to get to your destination two to three times faster. Maybe even eleven times faster if you are an Aborigine and have a weird Australian name like Gopi or Mick or something if not out of luck! Nobody wants to be hijacked while exercising, working out, playing sports or even doing errands in their urban or even rural community right? So how to de-worm hole our lives from today’s technological witchcraft?

It is really not possible to get to your destination by Einstein’s theory of relativity E=MC2? Ok let’s be realistic worm holes are really only for outer-space and for humans really not possible just sci-fi thinking. Hey but what about a naked-mole-rat? Yeah right most people would say that’s a sick joke a rat or rodent doing gravitational space time curvature E=MC2 or even worm holing not possible! Cats and dogs can’t even worm-hole let alone do math of any kind. But then cut the colored lights, artificial sweetener and bad water in University rat lab course and there you got a different type of rat. Ok enough said but how about a real cool tunnel system on a super-hot-city or country-day?

Imagine the hills, mountains or even the beach to take you away with AI and Computer Life Simulation for your mind only no disruptions right?….. ahhh no this is not a 007 movie where the hero vs the villain tech nerd to save the planet this is your survival and life some disruptions a must in our tech world. MOLERAT protectors are for simple outdoorsy sports folks who want good mind and body without excess marketing, too many volcano moments and too much consumption of earth’s natural resources. Well maybe this is not Buddhism but meditation, relaxation and a reduced all time high a plus! Don’t be afraid to come into the dark tunnel to view for your eyes only this is a real bio feed-back experience without the AI and CLS from today’s tech billionaires.

Remember this is not an Elon Musk Train Project, rock band, or occult paganism. Just a peep into the naked-mole-rat-highway-tunnel-system of eusocial behavior for the common good. Peeping Tom’s not welcomed but all real 365/24/7 workers, motivated sports exercise people and busy dudes a must. The sun, mars, asteroids, meteorites and blue tail comets and America’s greatest hits are for above and the rest stay below, low and cool like the naked-mole-rat.

My protectors not only provide a substantial amount of R.F.I.D. protection for your peace of mind but also prevent many forms of smart digital and electronic technologies from invading your privacy, body and mind. Much of these technologies come in the form of packets of code of hijackers from your outside environments and from unknown sources. I created MOLERAT technology protectors to help keep out privacy invasions such as 3G, 4G, 5G, WI-FI, electro-smog-pollution, blue light, R.F., EMF, intel, nano, black box, pink bitch, crime scene, S.I.M.S., porncaust, black UV, infrared, smart window glass (public transportation and automobiles-auto run off, beacon, Lilly Wave, UV sunlight, objects that think, internet of things, AI (artificial Intelligence), CLS (computer life simulation), electronic harassment, and unauthorized research and development weaponized information through machine learning.

In addition MOLERAT protectors help reduce lil-man, S.I.M.S., quaz, red-eye, pink bitch and crime scene.

You are at WWW.



Caution/ warning:

MOLERAT protectors are to be used on foot/ feet only such as standing, walking, jogging, running and hiking. Most outside sports that are feet to ground oriented only. Do not use with any powered up devices. All electronic and digital devices, cell phones and smart phones must be powered off and kept in a back pack. Do not use if you are pregnant. Do not use if you are wearing medical implanted devices or medical devices on the outside of the body. Do not use if you have an active bleeding wound. Do not use if you have cancer, an infection, candida, fungi, viruses or bacteria. Do not use with any non-motorized sports products with wheels. Do not use with or on your body with any motorized vehicles such as an automobile or any outside sports utility vehicle such as motorcycles, ATV or battery operated scooters. Do not use or have on your body while camping. MOLERRAT protectors are for outdoor sports, outdoor activities and errand times only. The purpose of MOLERAT protectors is to give your body a break, protect yourself and let your body regenerate its natural energy and polarity in today’s powered up environments.
This product IS NOT compatible with powered up digital/ electronic devices and technologies powered up on your body, clothing pockets, in your backpack, waist pack, computerbag or purse.
This product is NOT compatible for indoor living usage.
This product IS NOT for children, teenagers and females (not tested for females).
This product IS NOT for people who wear a medical device on, in their body or use mobility assistance products.