MOLERAT Megalith Technology (MMT)

MOLERAT Megalith Technology (MMT) for adult male gender. MOLERAT Megalith Technology (MMT) products have not been tested on the female gender. MOLERAT Megalith Technology (MMT) works in many different ways to help fine tune your outdoor exorcise, workouts and non-contact sports without the tech excess of A.I. (artificial Intelligence) CLS (computer life simulation). Hollywood, kung-fu fighting, COPS beautiful women and marijuana only last for so long. We as average adult Americans consume more energy and loose more energy wastefully than any other single country or continents combined. This excess stress and energy is a result of overpopulation, climate change and yes the digital world. blue-molerat-web-page-mjd

The deficiency in energy efficiency in the United States makes us the most wasteful country on this planet. This wasted (used-inefficiently) or unwasted (unexpended stored) energy in our own bodies makes us who we are everyday whether it is good or bad wasted or not. Most of us struggle to keep the good energy in and keep out the energy that can make us ill with mental and physical medical conditions. These technologies are part of our connected world that we all cannot avoid as this is our life and this is our future.


Powered up devices translates to real electricity and humans cannot live without power, solar and/or stored battery power which means electricity utilized and/or stored whether it is the size of your palm or an entire city grid will always be present. There are sometimes harmful side effects to these technologies in the form of radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic field (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) something that every human on this planet will not be able to avoid as consumers of needs and wants.


As of 2021 no one lives without electricity, electromagnetic energy, radio frequencies and electromagnetic fields on this planet. Often these energies are so small and minute it is literally undetectable to the human senses. We all know about cell phones, smart devices, television sets and the technology everywhere as it requires energy. When we step out of our living spaces the energy sometimes appears to change. These vibrations (VIBES) of energy are sometimes good or bad with different effects on our daily lives but not all people and most humans are not effected negatively by these energies as most of us adapt to outer planetary exploration.

Most of this energy we use and need is for survival and is controllable but when we step outside to go for a walk, jog or errands in outside environments we can often feel weighed down, tired, walled in, out of order, irritated, unfocused or just to stressed out and then burned out. MOLERAT Megalith Technology (MMT) helps absorb some energy you have already in your body as well as the energy in your immediate environment sometimes accumulating on your body as we work out and sweat. MOLERAT Megalith Technology helps maintain proper energy absorption rates and expiration rates. This is accomplished by attracting outside accumulating energy as in a type of barrier as well as helping  release polluted energy already created from your own human body by just being alive living your day to day activities.


MOLERAT Megalith Technology allow healthy individuals to maintain the proper amount of energy in their bodies. MOLERAT Megalith Technology may help increase focus, may improve metabolism and may help an adult individual relearn to self-monitor them-self through mind and body flux in motion proper cleansing. Seeking the constant help of powered up devices can impede sports, workouts and exercise for some adults as marketing pervades our human body too often.

MOLERAT Megalith Technology works by attracting, collecting, storing and through a slow incremental ejection of human body excess energy that we don’t always need. I have tested MOLERAT Megalith products on myself 365/24/7 for seven years.  I have personally tested MOLERAT Megalith products on myself in most diverse outdoors environments from very mild electro-smog polluted neighborhood recreation zones to high energy deserts, hills and  mountain highway zones.


MOLERAT Megalith products are NOT to be used by the consumer/ purchaser for long distances away from the city or town such as hiking and/ or camping zones. If used properly in accordance with the instructions, cautions and dangers booklet provided with each purchased product MOLERAT Megalith Technology can be effective for those who wish to maintain heat and have a better focused workout.

MOLERAT Megalith works best for those ADULTS with normal to good health for those who live life a lifestyle of proper diet, rest and exercise. MOLERAT Megalith Technology works through absorption rates depending on your own body energy, your stored up real body energy and influences from outside sources such as the sun (UV), automobiles, your own smart device, others smart devices in the wearers immediate environment. The inability to release some of this energy stress is often an indicator of excess stored up energy in our bodies and no rest and/ or breaks from powered up devices. Please read cautions warnings and instructions below



Caution/ warning:
Please read cautions warnings and instructions below before purchasing MMT.
MOLERAT Megalith Technology products are NOT for children, NOT FOR teens and NOT FOR any female gender.
MOLERAT Megalith Technology products have NOT been tested on the female gender.
MOLERAT products are to be used on foot and/or feet only such as standing, walking, jogging, running, trail running and hiking.
MOLERAT products are for outdoor sports, outdoor activities, outdoor exercize and errand times only. The purpose of MOLERAT Megalith Technology is to give your body a break, protect yourself and let your body regenerate its natural energy and polarity in today’s powered up environment.
Do not use with any powered-up devices. All electronic and digital devices, cell phones and smart phones must be powered off and kept in a back pack.
Do not use if you are wearing any implanted medical devices or on the body medical devices.
Do not use if you have an active bleeding wound. Do not use if you have cancer, an infection, candida, fungi, viruses or bacteria infections. Do not use with any motorized or non-motorized sports with wheels.
Do not use with or on your body with any motorized vehicles such as an automobile or any outside sports utility vehicle such as motorcycles, ATV or battery-operated scooters.
Do not use, have on your body or near your body while camping.
This product IS NOT compatible with powered up digital/ electronic devices and technologies powered up on your body, clothing pockets, in your backpack, waist pack, computer, bag or purse.
This product is NOT compatible for use in indoor living.
This product IS NOT for children, teenagers and females (not tested for females).
This product is NOT for those with mobility assistance medical wheel chairs and such.
This product is NOT compatible with any type of weapon on the wearer.
This product is NOT compatible with any form of U.S. paper currency or coins in the wearers clothing.
This product is NOT compatible or usable while intoxicted or using drugs and/or alcohol.

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