how MMT works

This is one of those products the Medical industry does not want you to own. Mole-rat magnet technology (A.i. enhancement products) is a new form of technology product and may not be suitable for some adults, may not be suitable for you regardless of your gender, environment or even health status. Please read cautions and warnings before purchasing this product. This is a new technology product and may not be suitable for some adults, may not be suitable for you regardless of your gender, environment or even health status.
Mole-rat magnet technology was developed and tested only for men by myself for nine years. Due to female gender physiology, genetics and other factors such as legality concerns it is important to read cautions and warnings before purchasing these products. If you are an adult female interested in purchasing these products you are using them at your own risk.
The average adult American male and female consumes more energy and loses more energy wastefully than any other single country or continents combined. The truth is this excess stress and energy is a result of overpopulation, climate change the connected world stressing humans out and diminishing our ability to focus. The deficiency in energy efficiency in the United States makes us the most wasteful country on this planet. This wasted (used-inefficiently) or unwasted (unexpended stored) energy in our own bodies makes us who we are everyday whether it is good or bad for us.
Most of us struggle to keep the good energy in and keep out the energy that can make us ill. As our world changes at an exponential speed the need for breaks whether in the minutes or hours from some technologies  will become more of a necessity and eventually a requirement from the workplace and free time. These technologies are part of our connected world that we cannot avoid all of the time.
MMT works in many different ways to help fine tune your outdoor exorcise, workouts and non-contact or alone outside on your feet shopping errands to sports. Reducing the technology excess annoyance, stress and irritation of A.i. (artificial Intelligence) and CLS (computer life simulation) is one of the key mechanisms for this product.
The A.i. penetration that comes with the electronic and digital world is good for many of us but not all of us. The need or thought for guns, weapons, Hollywood, Karate fighting, C.O.P.S., beautiful women, excess material gain, drugs and alcohol usually only last for so long. After the A.i. and CLS we are back to square one in a sick catch 22 game of cat and mouse and most everyone loses regardless of who we are.
A.i. and CLS often leads to an excess of heat not utilized efficiently and can contribute to improper faulty thought processing and burnout. A stressed focused mind is often ideal for a good work-out. Sometimes excess amounts of A.i. penetration can lead to an inefficient sports workout with a faulty distorted reality-based thinking that can make us sic. A good workout will not only work your entire body but should workout the mind as well. Mole-rat products can help with the technology excess enabling the mind to loosen up faulty thought processing and reducing body stress due to over population and electro-smog pollution.
Powered up devices translates to real electricity and humans cannot live without power whether it is from their own body or outside sources. Human body power, solar power, stored battery power and the city power grid all translate to electricity. There are sometimes harmful side effects to these technologies in the form of radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic field (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Every human on this planet will not be able to avoid these energies as we are all consumers of needs and wants creating our own pollution and life in our own bodies and mind. It is not possible to live without this power necessity and it is not bad most of the time.
Sometimes when we step out of our living spaces the energy sometimes appears to change. These vibrations or vibes of energy are sometimes good or bad with different effects on our daily lives. Most humans are not affected negatively by these energies but some people are. Most of this energy we use and need is for survival and is controllable but when we step outside to go for a walk, jog or errands in outside environments we can often feel weighed down, tired, walled in, out of order, irritated, unfocused or just to stressed out and then burned out.
MMT helps absorb some energy you already have in your body as well as attracting the energy in your immediate environment into the product. The release mechanaism of this negative pollutive energy is built into the semi-fusion layering technique that I developed with these specific materials.
Sometimes this unnatural accumulation shows in the form of mind stress, irritation and exhaustion. Mole-rat Magnet Technology helps maintain proper outside energy absorption rates and energy perspiration rates. This is accomplished by attracting outside accumulating energy as in a type of barrier as well as helping release excess polluted energy already created from your own human body by just being alive in today’s modern world.
MMT allows healthy individuals to maintain the proper amount of energy in their bodies. Mole-rat magnet technology may help increase focus, may improve metabolism and may help an adult individual relearn to self-monitor them-self through mind and body flux rather than mind connecting randomly. My motion cleansing layering technology while wearing this product helps loosen up toxic energies of every imaginable kind from bad childhood memories to excess television to the digital era.
From my experience this seems to be a more natural way of bio-feed-back a natural experience that has been around since the beginning of time. Mole-rat Magnet Technology works by attracting, collecting, storing and through a slow incremental ejection of the (artificial) body and mind energy through the product that we don’t need.
I have tested Mole-rat Magnet Technology products on myself 365/24/7 for over nine years.  What that means I never let it, my Mole-rat product go from my body or backpack or next to my side for almost nine years straight day and night to make sure they work. I have personally tested MMT products on myself in most diverse outdoors environments from heavy electro-smog polluted city neighborhoods, to high energy deserts, hills and mountain highway zones to parks and shopping centers where I get my coffee. I took a beating doing R&D on myself with too many doctor check ups and tests but I believe the product is right. My philosophy is that much good can be done through a disciplined life without excess 24/365/7 of powered up connected worldly devices.
MMT works best for those adults with normal to good health for those who live life a lifestyle of proper diet, rest and exercise. MMT works through absorption rates depending on your own body energy, your stored up real body energy and influences from outside sources such as the sun (UV), automobiles, your own smart device, others smart devices in the wearers immediate environment and Wi-fi grid zones. ceritified-logos-13-12-11-for-molerat-products-mjd-4-14-22-116