MOLERAT Brighter colors for Men

Our first impression is a statement that often determines how we are perceived. Often more than not impressions will dictate who will show interest in us sometimes as employees, acquaintances, friendships and even love. There is no right or wrong color. Color is a personal preference, collective preference, cultural preference and often a programmed preference by our lifestyle choices.

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Worth more than gold.

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The living air.

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Taste like purple but it is really violete

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An american female classic color.

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The red dot tribe.

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Less chemicals more fun

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Women in red

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Tru blues forever

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where there is order there is a queen

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cherib of justice

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the fire below

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arctic pure

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tuber tunnels

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the cities above

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the last of the four u-social animals on this planet

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Fire inside

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Earthly pink

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true blue

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Red gets out faster

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Stay simple using less resources is good!

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