Mars Protectors

Hello my name is Michael. I am here to tell you about a new product I created, researched, developed and tested on myself over the last four years. This product does not look like much and is the size of a thick stack of bank cards, membership cards and/ or discount cards. It fits in your pocket and holds one card preferably a debit, credit or other monetary card. One card only!

What I am selling is a simple object made from aerospace metals, aerospace adhesives and natural minerals that keep various forms of electromagnetic, Intel and electrostatic annoyances away from your body that are dangerous to some people. These harmful smart products and computer programs all contain AI (Artificial Intelligence), CLS (Computer Life Simulation) and electronic harassment programs with harmful consequences. Most technology companies don’t advertise the real risks of their powered up technologies. If you are one of those Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) is a sensitivity to electromagnetic fields, to which negative symptoms are attributed this product may be for you. These annoyances, irritations and bodily disruptions in our day to day lives is partly due to technologies that have never been labeled unsafe but rather are encouraged in marketing and all advertising as a way to control and manipulate the neurons in our brain.  

My protectors not only provide a substantial amount of R.F.I.D. protection for privacy but also keep many forms of smart technologies from invading your privacy, body and mind. I created MOLERAT bank card protectors to keep privacy invasions, Intel, Nano products, black box (black UV and infrared), blue light, R.F., EMF, smart glass on public transportation, WI-FI irritation, Beacon, automobile run off, Lilly Wave, AI (artificial Intelligence), CLS (computer life simulation-Hollywood-HTML), electromagnetic pollution, electronic harassment and genocide programming by our U.S. Government domestic and foreign technology companies.

Nano technology has invaded all of our lives making relaxation almost impossible. Not all of us want to live our life around a smartphone or other people’s technologies invading our space while we seek that quiet place, peace of mind outside away from the confined indoors. Whether it be walking, jogging, running, trail running or even hiking. I use it myself for outdoor exorcising but also for errands, walks and rare times a cup of coffee.

I carry my MOLERAT in my pocket or even backpack. Sometimes I carry a few of them with me one in each pocket a debit and ID and I leave all my smart devices at home always. I know very well it is not the end of the world if I do not have a smart device with me and sometimes for an entire day. From all of the information related to television, video, media and social media the fact is these mediums really never introduce you to a real physical exorcise work-out and often inhibit peace of mind and ingrain the tech imprints of these corporations. Eduard Ruppell did not approve of his father’s German banking heritage and that was way back a few hundred. With Nano technology today imagine what is storing up in us all today. Fr furthure reading click onto these links below.



DO NOT USE with smart, cellular, digital or electronic technologies while on your body, in your clothing or back-pack. This product IS NOT compatible with powered up digital and electronic technologies on your body.  This product is NOT compatible for indoor use. Use this product for outside sports ONLY without the use of any communication or digital devices on body.