MOLERAT Bank Card Protectors


Hello my name is Michael I am here to tell you about a new product I created, used, researched, developed and tested on myself over the last four years. This product doesn’t look like much and is the size of a regular stack of bank cards, membership cards and/ or discount cards. It does not fit in your wallet but it does fit in your pocket and does more than a women’s expensive purse, expensive wallet or bulky handbags. What I am selling is a simple object made from aerospace metals and minerals that keeps various forms of radiation away from your body. These radiations are unnoticeable to most even technology companies and especially you if you are one of those EMF sensitive people that refuse to believe in the digital world. These annoyances, irritations and bodily disruptions in our day to day lives is partly due to technologies that have never been labeled unsafe but rather encouraged in marketing and use by the United States Banking system, technology companies and today very cheap and even free to won. What I am talking about is the average bank card whether it be a debit card, credit card or any type of money card used to purchase. Bank cards have been around a long time but the changing environment has made these cherished purchasing power items harmful in certain areas of life and not all can adapt.

My protectors not only provide a substantial amount of R.F.I.D. protection but also keep many forms of radiation from other people’s smart technologies from invading your privacy, body and mind. I created MOLERAT bank card protectors to keep privacy invasions away but also to give those who just don’t always believe in the digital world a break from Nano products, UV light, blue light, black box (black UV and infrared), R.F., EMF, smart glass on  public transportation, trunk, some automobiles vehicles, Li-Fi irritation, Wi-Fi irritation, beacon, automobile run off, Lilly Wave, AI (artificial Intelligence), CLS (computer life simulation-Hollywood), electromagnetic pollution, electronic harassment, worm hole, and just plain old chemical sensitivities that annoy and irritate some of us. Not all of us want to live our life around a smartphone or other people’s technologies invading our space while we look for that quiet place or peace of mind to work out. Whether it be walking, jogging, running, trail running or even hiking. I use it myself for outdoor exorcising but I also for errands.

Nano technology has invaded all of our lives making relaxation almost impossible. The freedom to choose outside of daily stress, is a cherished time in my days when I carry my MOLERAT in my pocket or even backpack. Sometimes carry a few of them with me and I leave my smart device or cell phone at home. I know very well it is not the end of the world if I do not have a smart phone device with me and sometimes for an entire day or so. From all of the information related to television, video, media and social media the fact is these mediums really never introduce you to real people and often more than not robots for all. This is only part of the computer life simulation and AI era we live. These days can cause even more stress putting you in a cyclical catch 22 of agents, aliens, pink bitches and no fun

Michael de la Vega


DO NOT USE with smart, cellular, digital or electronic technologies while on your body, in your clothing or back-pack. This product IS NOT compatible with powered up digital and electronic technologies on your body.  This product is NOT compatible for indoor use. Use this product for outside sports ONLY without the use of any communication or digital devices on body.

MOLERAT seals of approval and Eduard Ruppell approved