MOLERAT Sports Protectors







MOLERAT Sports Protectors with MOLERAT Smart Technology.

Worm holes are only in outer space millions of light years away E=MC2. Talk about a gravitational curve nobody wants to go on. Take a-walk-about in the Outback of Australia to get to your destination two to three times faster.  Maybe even eleven times faster if you are an Aborigine and have a weird Australian name like Gopy or Mick or something if not out of luck! Nobody wants to be hijacked while exercising, working out, playing sports or even doing errands right?

It is really not possible to get to your destination by Einstein’s theory of relativity E=MC2? Ok let’s be realistic worm holes are really only for outer-space and for humans really not possible just sci-fi thinking. Hey but what about a naked-mole-rat? Yeah right most people would say that’s a sick joke a rat or rodent doing gravitational space time curvature E=MC2 not possible! Cats and dogs can’t even worm-hole let alone do math of any kind. But then cut the HTML and noise in rat lab University course and there you got a different type of rat. Ok enough said but how about a real cool tunnel system on a super-hot-city or country-day???????????

Imagine the hills, mountains or even the beach to take you away with Computer Life Simulation and AI for your mind only no disruptions right? ………. Ahhhhhh no this is not a 007 movie where the hero vs the villain to save the planet this is your survival. These are plain simple outdoorsy sports folks who want good mind and body without excess marketing, too many volcano moments and too much consumption of earth’s natural resources. Well maybe this is the closest thing to Buddhism for city and country folks. Don’t be afraid to come into the dark tunnel to view for your eyes only.

Remember MOLERAT Sports Protectors are NOT FOR CHILDREN, TEENS nor are they an Elon Musk Train Project, rock band, or occult paganism. Just a peep into the naked-mole-rat-highway-tunnel-system of eusocial behavior for the common good. Peeping Tom’s not welcomed but all real 365/24/7 workers and motivated sports exercise people a must. The sun, mars, asteroids, meteorites and blue tail comets and America’s greatest hits are for above and the rest stay below, low and cool like the naked-mole-rat. Purchase your very own MOLERAT here soon @WWW. for your MOLERAT Sports Protector.

My protectors not only provide a substantial amount of R.F.I.D. protection for your peace of mind but also prevent many forms of smart and electronic technologies from invading your privacy, body and mind from your outside sports environment. I created Mars Smart Sports Technology protectors to keep privacy invasions, intel, Nano, black box, pink bitch, bird box, (black UV and infrared), blue light, R.F., EMF, smart Nano window glass (public transportation), WI-FI, Beacon, automobile run off, Lilly Wave, AI (artificial Intelligence), CLS (computer life simulation-Hollywood-HTML), electro-smog pollution, electronic harassment to a minimum and the new 5G powered up devices with LI-FI and other people in your immediate environment.


Michael D

Ratters #SIA1100 Low Level $34.00 U.S. Dollars Sleek Polished aerospace metals with embossed logo slightly lighter weight and thinner









Black protective coating for a smooth ride

Volcano # SIA6600 Mid Level $45.00 U.S. Dollars Black protective coating for a smooth ride gold logo good on errands or moderate exercise










Bank-Vole # SIA1300 Advanced Sports $50.00 U.S. Dollars Matt finish aerospace metal with no worming technology and an polished back with embossed logo. Very slightly heavier











Lil Man Approved

No Nano

No Mars Craters





No Crime Scene

Made in U.S.A.

MOLERAT product







DO NOT USE MOLERAT Smart Technology Protectors with smart, cellular, digital or electronic technologies while on your body, in your clothing or back-pack whether powered on or off.Best if left at home or in automobile.

This product IS NOT compatible with powered up digital and electronic technologies on your body.

This product is NOT compatible for indoor living usage

This product IS NOT for Children or teenagers