MOLERAT has products available for outdoor usage that can help one thrive in today’s changing exponential hi-speed world. MOLERAT products fit in your pocket, are baby safe yet for adults only and are non-toxic nor powered up in any way. They are made form mostly natural occurring materials and can resist some unwanted unnatural change to the human mind and body.

Above, in-between and below I didn’t know which way to go. A cool nice subterranean tunnel away from the heat. Cool off and contemplate the next trail, route or road. The naked mole rat appeared to be a nice mode of thinking for a while, a break from the digital. Computer gadgets are good but not any time, all year around 24-7-365. I created MOLERAT from the ground up and a product that can be smarter than smart! You decide it is up to you to make it.

Michael D. Joseph-author-creator

Naked-Mole-Rat Pronunciation: (NEIKeD-MOUL-RAET). The Naked Mole Rat is neither a rat nor is it a mole but rather it is a all pink skinned rodent. The life of a naked mole rat is similar to honey bees, termites and ants. Their subterranean tunnel system enables the most eusocial environment of all mammals, animals and insects on planet earth. The naked mole rat is an vegetarian root eater and is native only to parts of Est Africa found no where else on this planet.