Why MOLERAT T-shirts?

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April 10, 2017

In today’s world greatness comes in small sizes. The nano speed of our changing world, technology and lifestyles make it often impossible to keep up with the information age. We are not in the great pyramid age of people in far-away lands thousands of years ago. Even our Political leaders all over the world have lost much of their powers as a result of greed, technology and planetary destruction by man and women alike. Today we all play a different role as to our purpose in relation to our planet earth. We are all slowly becoming the general workers, laborers, and nine to five people with less consumption than before. Technology has created new types of pollution that some of us must adapt to or over come as we evolve into smarter humans in some ways and not so smart humans in other ways. MOLERAT designs were created to instill the idea of healthy life away from human made things once in a while or maybe more often than we are used to with less consumption and usage of our planets natural resources. The overwhelming world of the digital 365/24/7 we are immersed in can often lead us to forget about what gave us the things we desire, want and need in life. MOLERAT designs were created to let us not forget once in a while our objects of desire, wants and needs in relation to our planet. MOLERAT designs is a which way to go directional question? MOLERAT designs are a directional choice for us, a directional choice affecting others and ultimately a directional choice affecting our planet. Most importantly our choices ultimately affect the planet whether unseen by the human eye or recorded by our media. The more we give back can often give us more freedom to choose and a more positive feedback from our planet earth.

love your planet-live your planet-be-free

Love your planet Live your life free