Love Your Planet Live Free

In today’s world greatness comes in small sizes. The speed of our changing planet in all aspects of life often make it difficult to keep up with the information age let alone life. We are not in the great pyramid ages of Egyptians or others in far-away lands thousands of years ago. Today we all play a different role as to our purpose in relation to our planet earth. We are all slowly becoming the general workers, laborers, and nine to five people with less consumption as in consumerism than before as a form of adaptation. MOLERAT designs were created to instill the idea of healthy life away from too much human consumption that destroys all living things on our planet. As we adapt to the digital world of 365/24/7 this can often lead us to forget about what gave us the things we desire, things we want and things we need in life. MOLERAT designs were created to let us sometimes move away from too much objects of desire and for more focus as we enjoy and play in our environment. MOLERAT designs are supposed to inspire a which way to go directional attitude for a better planet, health and happiness. MOLERAT designs are a directional choice for us, a directional choice affecting others and ultimately a directional choice affecting our planet.  The more we give back can often give us more freedom to choose and a more positive feedback from our planet earth.

Created, Designed and Screen-printing done by Michael de la Vega