Questions and answers for product and tee shirts. This site is under construction-looking for screen printer individual to do on the side (side job) share profits! Most art logos are for children, teens and adult females.

Common Questions and Answers

  1. Are MOLERAT T-shirts for everybody? Yes
  2. Are MOLERAT Products for men only? Yes This is because MOLERAT products have only been tested for men of the biological gender male. The female anatomy has not been tested on this product yet!
MOLERAT T-shirts are for everybody. Remember MOLERAT products have only been tested on men, for men by me, myself and I for over seven years. But I have had females inquire to me in person about tee shirts designs which is no problem. Many of my logo, art designs and beautiful colors are very appropriate for females, teens and young children. All interested people can put in a bulk order of MOLERAT T-shirts of twenty five or more T-shirts to the logo designs of your choice.
2.  Can I purchase just one MOLERAT T-shirt?
Yes, upon availability usually single T-shirts for sale will be visually displayed on the first page of only select art logo design colors will be available for purchase and one color usually.
3.  I am confused as to what T-shirt textile color (cloth of T-shirt color) should I use.
First things first, FIRST decide on the logo of your choice. If you need help in making a choice refer to the question #4 below A through F for art logo design colors for all thirty plus logos.
  1. I get confused when I look at your T-shirt website. It is a bit too overwhelming so how can I choose the right art logo colors in a less amount of time with less stress? My best advice is to write down on a piece of paper your answers to the alphabetized questions A TO F below and do the mathematical equations like Einstein. The results should give you the best possible color answer for your order! It is a bulk order, a lot of T-shirts and your money so take your time.
  1. Your Church, Company, Corporation, School or Org. Etc………
  2. Geographical location in the United States as every State in the Union has a different culture, flare and color.
  3. The seasons such as winter, spring, summer or fall all influence our color choices.
  4. Gender sometimes helps but not always times have changed and so have people as gender roles have changed. In the end it really doesn’t matter at all what colors or color combination/s you choose.
  5. The way I look at it is pure logic by asking yourself these questions before putting in a T-shirt order. Be true to yourself in color preference of your own and not of others unless it is a group or team decision. Remember one color and/or color combination per twenty five pieces.
  6. Keep in mind the type of sports you play, your sporting event and your personal, group or team philosophy for the T-shirt to be worn. For example: If you are an early morning or evening jogger it may be wiser to wear a T-shirt of lighter shades due to the fact that automobiles may not see you as well during these hours or any hours as a matter of fact.
  7. Or, maybe you are a trail runner and wish to wear a very bright fluorescent T-shirt for emergency purposes being miles out into the country, hills or mountains.
  8. Next, maybe you are with a group of walkers who meet up every Sunday and wish the neighborhood or community to know who your group is, maybe to bring in new members and maybe for safety reasons.
  9. Remember gender, race, religion, creed, nationality, country of origin, economic status, employment, non-employment, disability, expertise in physical fitness or non-expertise, and physical health have no relevance to the style and colors of your order.
  10. Be original or go with the mainstream it really doesn’t matter as nothing is set in stone so you decide!
What color T-shirt should I choose after I decide on an art logo design color?
If you know the color or colors of one logo then pair your logo of choice with the appropriate T-shirt textile cloth color so as to NOT let the logo color and T-shirt color bleed or mesh into one another, thus cancelling out the colors of both. Example: Putting a logo with half black and/ or black lettering onto a black T-shirt, dark brown or dark grey T-shirt. This will make the art logo design half visible, not as visible or visible at all.
How many different art logo design colors can I use for one bulk order of twenty five or more?
Remember as long as you use twenty five unit orders each minimum you can use a different art logo design color for each.
REMEMBER: Only one logo color per order and a minimum order of twenty five or more for each one logo bulk order.
  1. Your sport, sporting event and/ or group/ team spirit.
  2. Personal, group and/ or team philosophy.
  3. A statement about yourself, the environment or even something political.
How do I know what T-shirt style to wear such as crew neck, V-neck and tank top? Everybody’s taste is different in style but usually the season will dictate styles other than crew neck for men and women.
Crew neck is still the most popular for both females and males.
Tank tops is a more spring and summer wear where the body will cool off faster.
What type of screen printing ink do you use?
MOLERAT T-shirts only uses only water based inks.
Do you provide eco-friendly ink?
Yes, upon special request we do and can eco that.
Do you use plastisol inks?
No, MOLERAT T-shirts do not use plastisol inks as they are too pollutive for the environment.
Who does the actual screen printing?
I do all of the actual screen printing my-self yes me Monk Joneses. Unless otherwise stated by me your gurantee of non-toxic inks from MOLERAT. This is also my T-shirt orders are not outsourced to strangers unknown to me and my customers with volatile invasive tees and inks. My most recent and first screen printing by myself are the white tees with black ink. Anything before was done by unknowns. All tee orders are done by me from now on so no worries!
What kind of T-shirts (textile) cloth do you have to choose from?
100% cotton
Cotton and polyester blends
Organic cotton upon special request and they usually cost more.
What is the best T-shirt (textile) colors for kids?
I would recommend bright colors for the T-shirt textile. This is for safety reasons like speeding automobiles, bicycles and other fast wheel sports on sidewalks and streets.
What is the return policy?  I will have a return policy soon!
The philosophy behind purchasing MOLERAT T-shirts.
Keep in mind all MOLERAT (reverse triangle) logos vary in an assortment of colors, twenty six in all that can have a specific effect on the purchaser/ consumers mind and those around them. MOLERAT tee shirts are specifically designed to encourage, inspire and help people to make a difference in their own lives, others and the life of our living planet. These logos were created to keep outdoor enthusiasts or new comers excited about nature, health, life and our planets wonders for enjoyment now and for future generations.
Our first impression is a statement that often determines how we are perceived. Often more than not impressions will dictate who will show interest in us sometimes as employees, acquaintances, friendships and even love. There is no right or wrong color. Color is a personal preference, collective preference, cultural preference and often a programmed preference by our lifestyle choices.
It is interesting that when we spend time outside, in the outdoors and nature we are often affected by the smells, shapes and most importantly colors of our natural world. Colors have often been and will always continue to have an impact on people. I believe MOLERAT colors will have a similar effect in our day to day lives. Our moods, perceptions, how people view us and how we react to our environment is often influenced by the colors we chose. I personally have worn every imaginable color on this planet. I still have a handful of favorites some neutral, dark, colorful and yes shockingly bright fluorescence colors for jogging and sports in populated traffic automobile areas.
Logo Art Colors Below
Tee shirt textile colors below

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