Molerat products enhance the A.i. experience of the user for faster information retention, less lasting effects of A.i. penetration disruption pollution that can hit the entire body and face. Whether it is your smart device, television, computers, outside hi-technologies, a bad day at the office or an automobile stress traffic jam, faster A.i. relief can make the difference between a less stressed and more focused workout.

Molerat products are a new type of technology that puts man into his own mind with strenuous work outs. The purpose of this product is to create a real man vs own mind experience without electronic feed back. Molerat products are good for out and about simple walks, shopping errands to more serious extraneous workouts from jogging to trail running and hiking. Molerat products were designed for a natural bio-feed-back that can help individuals figure out their day, mind and life without the excess of A.i. The digital impregnation sometimes can be a hindrance and even road block while working out.

Molerat products may be freighting or even a little painful for some people. Depending on what style, model, size and customization the experience is different and varies from person to person. A.i. is a personal interpretation in the end regardless of who, what or where it comes from. The variation types in some of the products, your personal human makeup and outside extraneous variables make your experience unique. Your determination to figure it out will dictate the rate of cleansing, amount of cleansing and speed of A.i. information in your own mind. As we slowly deprogram our-selves from modernization pollution of every imaginable kind, it is up to the purchaser and user of this product to decide what they can or cannot tolerate, their health goals and the speed of usage that is appropriate and comfortable to them.

Everyone’s physiology is different. We all have our own unique body signature so it is up to the purchaser to decide what is right for them and adjust accordingly until a comfort level is reached after each usage. It may take some time often weeks to months to adjust as a life of technology and real life programming do not go away immediately.

Molerat products are for outdoor usage that can help one thrive in today’s exponential hi-speed world. Molerat products are baby safe, yet for adults only and are non-toxic, non-nano, non-lead, non-electronic and non-powered up in any way. They are made from mostly natural occurring pre-manufactured materials from the earth that are in abundance all over the planet recycled or non-recycled. My unique semi-fusion layering process is hand-made with no machines, electrical and almost no trash.

This product is durable in most all weather-conditions, environments and terrains. This product should last into the years with no upgrades needed. Molerat products are hassle free with a thirty second water rinse, no maintenance or upgrades needed.

Some of us like the freedom of thought when working out and molerat is a certified this and certified that type of company with new technological green certified certifications created by myself.

Have a fun time with your molerat product,


Michael d.